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About Us

Since 1993, Karabacak Marble has been the quarry owner of the marbles, which called Teos Green and Teos Fire (Nero Africano). Our marble quarry is located in Güzelbahçe – İzmir and 70 km from İzmir port. Our current production capacity is 20,000 tons per year.

History Of The Quarry

The marbles that came out of our quarry during the Roman period were called “Marmor Luculleum” because the first person who used this marble for decoration of his house was a rich Roman named “Lucullus”. This event took place approximately in the 1st century BC. From then on, black marble with red-white spots and green marble with green-white spots were very popular all over the Roman world.

During the Renaissance, they reused these marbles in old buildings all over Italy, in new buildings, especially for churches. In this period, the ancient Roman marbles started to get new Italian names.
Because of its black color, our stone, which we call Teos Fire, is called “Africano”. Because of this name, many people think that the stone came from Africa, but this is completely a misunderstanding of its name.
Because of its green color, our stone, which we call Teos Green, was named as “Verde”.
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